The Jeric Sisters

Katrina Jeric…was working as a house keeper in a hotel when she decided to pursue a more rewarding career….eighteen months later she is doing what she loves and making ‘good money’ doing it…Katrina began the dental assistant program in February 2010 and three months into the course discovered she was pregnant with her second ‘little angel’….In spite of her temporary loss of wages, raising her firstborn daughter and expecting her second, she graduated top of her class with honors and excelled at her six week externship with cosmetic dentist Dr. Vladimir Pastouk in Pepper Pike. Katrina delivered her beautiful daughter and contacted our placement department to assist with her job search….she is now employed at the practice of Dr. Diane Nogalo, which she describes as “the perfect place for me with some of the nicest people I have ever met.”

Cindy Jeric…was employed at a golf course, which is only a seasonal job with very limited pay…she enrolled in the medical assistant program the same time as her sister Katrina… “I was very overwhelmed at first with all of the materials I had to learn in a short span of time, but with the help of my inspiring teachers I was taught everything I needed to be successful in my new career.” Cindy then started her externship at a cardiology practice in Painesville. Three cardiologists practiced in that office when she began, but on the fifth day she was told that one of the physicians was planning to begin a solo practice and that “there will be a fight over who would employ me! I completed the end of my externship at the practice of Dr. Roger Espinosa, who is an extremely nice and intelligent cardiologist. I enjoy my career, love going to work and trying to make a little difference in someone’s day. Do I miss handing out keys to golf carts, you ask…not for even a minute!”