The Cleveland Institute can open a healthcare career direction that you can pursue with pride, without the necessity of a four year diploma course. Our students are encouraged to achieve their educational goals by providing individualized learning experiences, personal advising, a relevant curriculum and a job placement assistance service.

Our Mission

The Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. has a strong and unwavering commitment to train and place personnel in the paramedical field who are qualified to assist physicians and dentists. Specialized training enables graduates to further extend the services offered by health-care professionals to greater numbers of people with competence and efficiency. Students must excel both clinically and academically. They are encouraged and motivated to become an integral part of and a credit to the allied health professions.

Your career as a healthcare professional will give you much more than a steady job. You will have the satisfaction of using technical skills to help people. When your work involves helping children, adults or grandmas and grandpas, you will enjoy the respect and confidence that your healthcare training brings. Contact us to start on the fast track to an exciting career!