Dentists have been providing clean, shining smiles to millions of people for years along with the help of their Dental Assistants. Here at the Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. we can help you be a necessary part of thousands of brilliant, happy smiles through our Dental Assistant Classes. With our small class sizes and affordable tuition fees you will receive a personalized education that is within your means.

Dental Assistant Job Forecast

Is dentistry for you?

Upon completion of our expert training programs, you will have the skill and confidence to perform the following tasks and so more:

  • Four handed chairside assisting
  • Clinical assisting
  • Administrative/receptionist procedures associated with the operation of a dental office or clinic
  • Correspondence (word processing)
  • Records and collections
  • CD-CPT Coding

These procedures include participating..

  • Mixing various filling materials
  • Taking and processing Dental X-Rays
  • Assisting the dentist in all aspects of the practice.

We have had thousands of students immediately begin successful careers after finishing our Dental Assistant Programs and we are confident in your success as well. Your future is bright and it all starts here at the Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistant, Inc. Call today!