medical-secretaryConsidering a Career as a Medical Secretary?

Ever contemplated becoming a Medical Secretary? You certainly should! Deemed the fastest growing career in the nation, becoming a Medical Secretary is a great career for today and in the years to come due to astounding job outlooks, career and salary advancement potentials, and low training and educational requirements.

The Average Day of a Medical Secretary

Medical Secretary can be found doing a variety of administrative tasks daily to assist physicians, patients, and the overall order of the working environment. On an average day, Medical Secretaries may be asked to accomplish the following:

  • Answering telephones and routing calls to the appropriate staff
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Typing correspondence
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Transcribing information
  • Welcoming patients
  • Filling our insurance forms
  • Organizing and maintaining medical files
  • Communicating with insurance companies and healthcare providers
  • Receiving payments from patients
  • Helping patients complete intake forms

Salary Information

While salaries change geographically, the average salary for a Medical Secretary with minimal education in medical terminology and procedures is $31,890 a year or $15.33 an hour. Those with certification, higher education, and experience may secure positions paying up to $46,420 a year or $22.32 an hour.

Education & Advancement

To become a Medical Secretary, all that is required is a high school diploma and a very basic understanding of medical terminology and procedures. However, it is important to understand that certification, higher education, and even past experience can significantly increase your chances of quicker and better advancement in your career. For instance, attending the Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistance, Inc.’s specialized programs will help you further your education and understanding through hands on experience while bettering your career through formal certification and experience. These programs will help you secure a better position in the allied health field and spur you into a successful career for years to come.

Job Opportunity Analysis

The employment rate for Medical Secretary is expected to increase much faster than the average rate of any other occupation today. According to many credible sources, from 2010-2020 employment is expected to rise by 41%, or by 210,317 jobs. This career opportunity is too good to disregard, which is why we encourage you to pursue an education and successful career as a Medical Secretary with the help of our individualized and affordable programs here at CIDMA.

In addition, recent federal health legislation is expanding how many people have access to health insurance, which will also increase the demand for dentistry services.

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