The Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. is always looking to train and educate the best of the best for the para-medical field. Students with a passion for the well-being of others, a dedication to learn and improve one’s self, and the perseverance to be all they can be. That’s why CIDMA is an excellent choice for veterans and military members.


The Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. takes a special interest in veterans, military members, and their families because we believe our soldier’s dedication and passion for their country can be used to help thousands of people in para-medical field. This selfless attitude gives our educators confidence in our military and veteran students’ success and desire for the Allied Health Field. We also believe in helping those who have helped protect our friends, family, and freedoms by risking their lives in times of war. Our troops are entitled to a great education, an easy way to re-enter the workforce, and protection of their family’s education should something happen to them.


Our small class sizes along with our full-time Placement Departments, Veteran Approved schools and financial aid allow our military and veteran students to achieve a successful career without the necessity of an expensive four year diploma.

Personal Learning – We provide students with the individual attention and supervision they need through our small class sizes and personal instruction. We provide training in these fields:

Full-time Placement Departments – We ensure our students don’t just receive an education but a career as well. That’s why we have full-time placement departments at each of our beautiful campuses. These placement departments help you easily integrate into the Allied Health Field by finding you work in just about every major hospital, clinic, and private medical and dental practices.

Veteran Approved Schools – We help veterans and military members through the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) provided by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. This program allows veterans to receive benefits that can be put towards an education and degree. The Department of Veteran Affairs also provides benefits for your family should something happen to you. Should your surviving spouse or children attend the Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. they may be entitled to benefits that could further their education and alleviate their financial burdens.

Affordable Education (Financial Aid) – Our overall tuition fees cost $11,800 a year at our Cleveland, Lyndhurst, and Mentor campuses.  Our financial aid programs may offer up to $5,645 of free financial assistance to low income families.

What Do I Need to Do?

Learn more about the Cleveland Institute of Dental-Medical Assistants, Inc. from our Admissions Requirement Catalog and contact our Cleveland, Mentor, or Lyndhurst Admissions Office to schedule a visit and start your education. It is that simple!

CIDMA wants you to join the hundreds of veteran and military graduates by joining our medical, dental and pharmacy tech classes. Start your affordable, personalized healthcare education today! We owe it to you.

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