FSA ID information, tips, and a link to create an FSA ID are available at StudentAid.gov/fsaid

U.S. Department of Education Student Financial Assistance

Students interested in applying for financial assistance available through the U.S. Department of
Education (USDE) must complete their application process as soon as possible to ensure eligibility
for these funds and to ensure that your educational goals can be met without interruption. The
most common sources of federal aid are made available to students through the Federal Pell Grant
Program and the Federal Direct Student Loan Program.

Federal Pell Grants are available to low income families and do not have to be repaid. These
grants currently provide up to $5730 of free financial assistance for each academic year of
education. Federal Stafford Loans are also available to most students and can provide
approximately $9,500 per academic year for independent students or $5,500 per academic year
for dependent students. The USDE may subsidize a portion of these loan amounts for low income
families resulting in the family incurring no interest on these loans while the student is completing
his/her education and for a period of six months following graduation. Unsubsidized Stafford
Loans are generally available to any student regardless of income or credit history. These student
loans are not free money and do have to be repaid. Repayment of your student loans generally
begins in the 7th month after you complete your training or withdraw from the program.

Applying for federal financial aid is an easy, web-based process. You can apply for and monitor
your financial aid process at www.studentloans.gov. This USDE web site is a student’s home page
for his/her federal aid application process. There are only two documents that you need to
complete via this web site to begin your financial aid process:

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

Return of Unearned Title IV Funds aka “R2T4”